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Over the last few million years glacial ice and rivers have diligently built the platform that is Terrace Downs. With a mighty force they carved the terraces that are the home of this unique High Country resort. The terrain they shaped is rugged but beautiful and boasts features nothing short of dramatic.
Mountains tower up to 2,000 metres above a verdant and gently undulating valley floor. The spectacular Rakaia River is one day a wild and awesome torrent, the next an azure blue ribbon meandering through the gorge. With a Scottish-like charm, rye grasses in autumnal hues of rust brown and red mix with riparian tussock over fields and fairways.
The location for this golf course was strategically chosen for rural tranquillity and magnificent scenery, its nearness to top tourist attractions and its proximity to Christchurch, the gateway to the South Island. Of special importance, it borders unspoilt High Country offering fantastic hunting, fishing, bush walks, eco retreats and unique native fauna.
Terrace Downs has an 18 hole, par 72 championship course that features four different tee positions for the enjoyment of players of all abilities. At a length of 6,406 metres off the back tees, it includes 10 lakes and over 60 bunkers. Terrace downs golf course has been rated by the New Zealand Golf magazine as one of the top five courses in the country.

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Status: For Sale
Type: Apartment
Course: Terrace Downs Resort

This apartment is located at the fabulous Terrace Downs Resort, just an hours drive inland from Christchurch, in the high country on the banks of the Rakaia River where spectacular mountain and river views are spectacular.
Here you will not only be able to enjoy seriously good golf, but hunting, fishing, jet boating, skiing, horse riding and of course great cuisine.
Also, there is the option of the accommodation pool for rental income.